2023 Scholarships


CVAF presented awards to the 2023 Scholarship Recipients: Miriam Kuehner (University of Colorado), Aufdermauer Scholarship Simon Taylor (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Phillips Scholarship Davidson Lin (UC Berkeley), Aufdermauer Scholarship Not Pictured Hannah Thai (CSU Fullerton), Phillips Scholarship

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2022 Scholarships


Matthew Kaser presented awards to the 2022 Scholarship Recipients: Lauren French (Cal State San Diego), Aufdermauer Scholarship Not Pictured Zachary Furber-Dobson (Las Positas College) Lillian Manno (Cal State East Bay), Phillips Scholarship Alaina Retodo (UC Irvine) Vincent Xiao (Cal State San Jose), Phillips Scholarship

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2021 Scholarships


CVAF presented awards to the 2021 Scholarship Recipients: Paul Friesen (George Fox University) Aakriti Kaul (UC Berkeley), Phillips Scholarship Samuel Lu (UCLA), Aufdermauer Scholarship Maria Gabriella Pinto (Las Positas College) Isis Poulouse (Fordham University, Lincoln Center), Phillips Scholarship

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2020 Scholarships


CVAF presented awards to the 2020 Scholarship Recipients: Molly Brennan (NYU), Phillips Scholarship Alyssa Robertson (Syracuse U), Phillips Scholarship Ryan Taylor (UC Davis) Anna Wesner (CSU Long Beach), Aufdermauer Scholarship

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2019 Scholarships


CVAF presented awards to the 2019 Scholarship Recipients: Damian Anderson (Brigham Young, Provo) Izabela Baker (UC Santa Barbara), Phillips Scholarship Amy Alvarado (Las Positas) Geneieve Bjork-Nelson (Cal Poly, SLO), Phillips Scholarship

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2018 Scholarships


Matthew Kaser presented awards to the 2018 Scholarship Recipients: Christopher Park (Santa Clara University) Madeline Albright (Diablo Valley College), Phillips Scholarship Melissa Ah-Tye (CSU San Diego) Not Pictured Maya Macias (CSU East Bay)

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2017 Scholarships


Mary Ann DeGrazia presented awards to the 2017 Scholarship Recipients: Victoria Quijano (UC Davis), Phillips Scholarship Leah Procita (Cal Poly, SLO), Phillips Scholarship Jessica Mi (Stanford University), Phillips Scholarship Carly Becerra (CSU San Francisco)

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2016 Scholarships


Mary Ann DeGrazia presented awards to the 2016 Scholarship Recipients: Taylor Wade (Emerson College) Taralyn Wallace (Univ of Nevada, Reno) Riley McCullough (Colorado State) Emma Iredale (Manhattanville College) Samantha Ismael (AMDA, LA) Samuel Troxell (Cal State East Bay), Phillips Scholarship

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2015 Scholarships


Mary Ann DeGrazia presented awards to the 2015 Scholarship Recipients: Eleanor Kaj (University of the Pacific) Michael French (Portland State) Chloe Billings (CSU Long Beach), Phillips Scholarship Samantha Cowan (Las Positas College) Grey Janowski (CSU San Jose)

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2014 Scholarships


2014 Scholarship Recipients: Mary Troxell (CSU East Bay), Phillips Scholarship Christina Kaser (UC Berkeley)

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