As an engineer, I came to appreciate the artistic beauty of a great design and the ingenuity that goes into great art.  While I like and recognize the need for a strong math, science and engineering curriculum, it should not come at the expense of the humanities. It’s an exciting honor to help the appreciation for the arts to expand and grow in our community.

Bill Nott is a Mechanical Engineer and retired from Lockheed Martin Space Systems in 2007. He worked on a number of satellite programs including the International Space Station.  Since 1994 he has worked with various organizations locally and nationally to bring engineering to the primary & secondary grades. He volunteers with FIRST Robotics Competitions, Castro Valley Rotary, the East African Medical Relief Foundation, the Chabot Space & Science Center and the CV Arts Foundation. To soften his ‘techie’ bent, he attempts to harmonize with the New Dimension Chorus, an ‘a capella’, Barbershop style group.